Tiny "Split Pea" Peanut Lighter - Titanium

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Tiny "Split Pea" Peanut Lighter - Titanium

New!  Titanium "Split Pea" Lighter

This 1.3-inch waterproof lighter is known to outdoorsy types and survivalists as an “everyday carry,” or EDC.  That means it’s designed to be useful at all times and in all situations, from the mundane to the disastrous. As such, it requires no maintenance. It also means it will probably save you some frustration, and depending on the type of day you’re having, could save your life.

This is the smallest, sturdiest lighter you will find on the market. It’s made from 6AL4V Series Titanium Grade 5. Drive over it with a truck and nothing will break.  

The lighter has a hermetic seal that keeps water and air out, and lighter fuel in (so it never dries out). Even if you haven't used it for a year, when you open it it'll still light up.

It works like any other lighter: with a flint, a wheel, and a chamber of fuel. The difference is that it’s extremely compact, durable and reliable. Flick the wheel and a flame appears instantly. The base is very stable, so it stands up on its own like a candle would—while the flame stays lit. To put it out, just blow on it or put the cap back on.

Fire has never before been so portable, so self-contained and so waterproof. Trust this to light a campfire, sterilize a pin, or light up the last cigarette in your pack in the most unforgiving terrain.  

Attach the lighter to your key chain. Your favorite coat zipper. Your rucksack. Even your briefcase. (Maybe those files need to be burned, old chap.) It’s so small you won’t notice it, and neither will anyone else. Not until you need a light and realize you have one at your fingertips. 

Use & Care

To fill it, unscrew the cap and remove the insert which is filled with cotton felt. Tip it upside down and fill it with lighter fluid, flooding the material until drops of fluid come out of the small brass chimney. Don't substitute gasoline or other fuels unless it's a question of survival.

Replace the insert and you're ready to go. With a new flint, roll the wheel forward a few times to give it a better edge to grab onto. You're unlikely to run out of flint, but if you do, standard flint replacements will do.

When not in use, screw the cap on. The airtight seal means that the lighter will spark up reliably because of the new rush of oxygen it's given when you open the cap. It can sit unused for twelve months and the fluid still won't dry up.

Due to their sound airtightness, these little guys are also perfect for holding a few Aspirin, or any other pill that is useful to have nearby.  All you need to do to convert it is remove the insert.  

To buff out scratches or shine one up, use a rough kitchen sponge or light steel wool. Comes with an extra rubber ring. This is what keeps the seal air and watertight. If it needs to be replaced, pull off the old one and stretch the new one into place. 

Production & Design

Each lighter is made from a solid piece of 6AL4V Series Titanium Grade 5. The chamber is bore out with a lathe, not pressed. This method ensures detail, precision and strength.


Base: 0.5 inch
Height: 1.3 inches
Split ring is 300 grade Stainless Steel

Less than 1 ounce

Water and air tight
Refillable with regular lighter fluid
Key chain attachment
Flat bottom (stands up on its own)
Stays lit until blown out
Convertible to a waterproof pill carrier

*Note that the lighter does not come filled with lighter fluid

Total Burn Time*
3–5 minutes

*Please don't keep the lighter lit for more than a 15-second stretch

No daily maintenance
Refill with regular lighter fluid

6AL4V Series Titanium Grade 5
Heat Colorable
Cotton wick
Silicone rubber ring (for the airtight seal)