Testing Your Switch and Connections

Diagnosing the connections on your fiashlight is an easy way to pinpoint the issue with your light. As always, make sure the light has been cleaned properly and is using fresh batteries. next, remove the tail cap. Inspect the tail switch and make sure no components are rattling inside. if something seems loose, ise a tool to tighten the metal retaining ring like in the image below.

 If the tailcap is tight but the light still will not turn on, remove the tailcap once more, and focus on the body of the light. With a fresh battery roperly installed, place a metal contact like a knife blade, screwdriver, or tweesers across the bottom of the light. Make sure the metal obkect makes contact with both the battery and the metal edge of the flashlight.



This should complete the circuit and turn the light on. If the light turns on with thes mothod, but not with the switch, you will have pinpointed the issue as a problem with the switch. If the light still does not turn on, you may have a deffective LED, and can contact Fenix Outfitters or Fenix directly for more information.