Tenergy Smart Charger


Tenergy Smart Charger

Versatile Li-Ion Charging Technology

This two-bay Li-Ion battery charger from Tenery can handle a variety of battery sizes. All of the most popular Li-Ion battery types are handled by the Tenergy Smart charger. RCR123's, 18650's, 14500's, and 19500's are all capable of being charged safely and efficiently on this charger.

Rechargeable Convenience

This charger includes an AC adapter for charging in a standard outlet. Its 500 mAh charge current makes for fast charges and two intependent charge channels allow you to charge two batteries of different charge statuses simultaneously.


  • Designed to charge  Li-Ion 14500 / 18500 /  18650 or RCR123 Batteries
  • Two independent charging channels for individual charging and detection.
  • Reverse polarity detection.
  • 500mAh charging current for fast charging.
  • AC adapater included
  • Indicators:  LED
  • Charging Current 500mA
    • Compatible Chemistry:  Li-ion
    • Input Voltage:  100-240V  AC/12 - 24V DC
    • Charging Voltage Range:  2.5V - 4.25V
    • LED Indicators
      • No Battery:  Solid Green
      • Charging:  Solid Red
      • Fully Charged:  Solid Green
      • Short Circuit:  Solid Green
      • Reverse Polarity:  Solid Green
    • Operating Temperature:  0°C - 35°C
    • Operating Humidity:  10% - 90%
    • Storage Temperature:  -20° - 80°C
    • Storage Humidity:  RH ? 85%