TEC Accessories Stainless Nano Gate

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TEC Accessories Stainless Nano Gate

This is the "McGizmo" 20mm Nano stainless steel gate clip. It has a spring gate which keeps items secure, and has a hole at the end for a standard split ring. Use this as a much better option over standard split rings, allowing quick addition or removal of items.

This model provides a stronger and more secure gate and is easier to handle than the smaller 15mm model, at the cost of a slightly larger overall size.

  • Outside dimensions: 11mm (0.43") wide x 20mm (0.79")long
  • Inside opening: Approximately 9mm (0.3") x 5mm (0.20")
  • Body Thickness: 2.4mm (0.09")
  • Wire Gate Thickness: 5mm (0.20")