TEC Accessories PicoPen

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TEC Accessories PicoPen

Replacement ink cartridge for Pico Pen.

Looking for a functional and stylish pen that is actually small enough to fit on your keychain? With the PicoPen, you can have a fine writing instrument with you whenever you need one. At less than 3 inches long and weighing under 1/4 ounce, you'll never know it's there until you reach for it. Tough yet elegant, you'll get a lifetime of use from this unique personal accessory. It's the keychain pen you can attach anywhere!

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Unique Magnetic cap closure for one-handed operation
  • Includes accessories for attaching to any number of convenient places
  • Keychain (included)

Perfect for a travel bag, purse, golf bag, belt loop, backpack, etc...

Uses a common replaceable ink refill
Includes an interchangeable stylus tip for PDA use or credit/debit card terminals
Packaged in a tin presentation box, perfect for gift-giving