Stainless Tick and Splinter Tweezers

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Stainless Tick and Splinter Tweezers

Crafted from a solid piece of spring tempered stainless steel with a wide hinge, these 2 ½ inch long tweezers ensure even flex and perfectly straight alignment. The sharp steel points are hand dressed to exacting specifications, raising the dexterity of your fingers to startling heights. A tip protector is included for easy attachment to your key ring, so they’re an easy addition to your everyday carry.   

These are the tweezers chosen by the Military, where they're trusted to do more than just pluck out a hair.

A good pair of tweezers extends the fingers’ ability to grab to a definite, exacting level of precision—and for this reason they’re used in surgery, everyday maintenance, and cosmetics since the Akkadians battled for control of Sumeria circa 3000 BC. 

These particular tweezers are likely to fulfill numerous roles in the user’s life. Instead of two pieces of metal spot-welded together, they’re made from a solid piece of stainless steel, so they’re more durable and won’t rust.

Whether you are fishing, sewing, collaging, hiking, applying first aid, working with wood, or just trying to grab that pesky eyebrow hair, these tweezers will accomplish a variety of jobs that your fingers would normally botch. From fixing a lure to removing a splinter to gluing down a small piece of paper or picking up a tiny object, the detail-oriented person will always be able to make a gathering of precise moments. 

Use & Care

Clean with soap and water and dry with a cloth or your pant leg. Dab them with alcohol to ensure cleanliness when using them on your body.

Removing them from the sheath, you're likely to notice first and foremost the sharp point these tweezers have, more so than any cosmetic-grade pair. Take extra care when using them on skin, especially near sensitive areas such as the eyes.

A small hole in the body of the tweezers locks them into the sheath when they're not in use, preventing them from slipping out and onto the ground.

Production & Design

The tweezers are cut from a solid steel sheet using a 100-ton press, which gives each set its defining, exacting edge.

One of the first tools of medicine, tweezers are no stranger to warfare and other dicey situations. Due to their easy portability and minute size, these tweezers are considered an EDC, or 'everyday carry.' These tweezers are a member of the slim number of finely tuned possessions worthy of taking up space on one's person because they're useful in all kinds of settings, from the mundane to the profound. 



Pull out splinters or remove ticks
Pluck, pick, grasp
Pointed tips for precision

Spring tempered tweezers
Metal sheath with keychain hole

2.5 inches (6.35 cm)

Less than 0.25 ounces 

Stainless steel