HideAway Satin Cat Claw (Polished, Not Tumbled) S30VCC


HideAway Satin Cat Claw (Polished, Not Tumbled) S30VCC
Be sure to specify size

OK...we've all heard of the HideAwayKnives. It's a great concept and an incredible tool. You can now buy them here with 100% confidence! We are happy to be carrying this product and assure you that you will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase from us.

The concept behind this knife: Something ultra-concealable, highly retainable in a struggle, and accessible quickly and easily. 


  • Ultra-concealable, yet highly retainable.  
    • In a real struggle, it would stay in your hands under conditions when any other knife would drop or be knocked from them.
  • "Hands-free" use.
    • Hold a flashlight, balance yourself, or deliver a blow with the same.
    • Something unique compared to any other knife and most other weapons.
  • Quickly deployable, yet still covert.
    • Yank and pull in one motion. 
    • Will feel familiar to those comfortable with the draw stroke of a gun. 
    • Covert even when "at ready" in your hands.
  • No excuses
    • This knife is concealable in enough ways that there are no excuses for not having a weapon be there when you need it, constant and consistent.

To find your exact size, follow these instructions:

  1. Get the 2-finger circumference measurement from where you wear rings...or around your knuckles if those are bigger.
  2. Cut a strip of paper about 1/2" wide and 6" long.
  3. Attach a small piece of scotch tape to one end of the strip of paper.  You will wrap the strip of paper around your trigger finger and your middle finger.
  4. Tape the end of the paper strip to the base of your trigger finger. 
  5. Pull the paper around your trigger and middle fingers, where you wear ring a ring (or your knuckle if bigger). Pull the paper "snug" but not tight. Marks the overlap point with a pen.
  6. Remove the paper strip and measure it with a ruler.