Fenix CL20 LED Lantern


Fenix CL20 LED Lantern

This is a discontinued by Fenix. 

The CL20 is more than just a bright lantern. It’s a fully-featured illumination device that makes for the ultimate camping companion. The 165 lumen turbo mode will light up your campsite with 360 degrees of neutral-white light. Neutral white LED’s are excellent for rendering colors accurately without tinting shades towards the warmer ends of the spectrum.  The anti-glare globe is precision-crafted to perfectly disperse light across the entire field with no hotspots or dull spots to work around. Three more modes dim down the outputs for close-quarters situation and for extended battery life. Fenix also included two red LED’s. Red light is perfect for illuminating the area directly around you without ruining night vision – perfect for quick trips to the watering hole.

Designed for the Real World

Fenix knows how to built tough-as-nails gear and this lantern is no exception. The CL20 is built from high-strength plastics, and built to IPX-6 water resistance standards, meaning it can hold up against heavy rain and splashing. This light can run off of CR123’s or AA’s, giving you extra versatility when it comes to powering this handy lantern. A magnet is built into the base of the light for simple mounting on any ferrous surface.


  • Utilizes nine neutral white LEDs and two red LEDs with an even and smooth beam
  • White light with four output options
    • Turbo: 165 Lumens (2 hours and 23 min using AA Ni-MH; 3 hours and 10 min using AA Alkaline; 2 hours using CR123A
    • High: 100 Lumens (5 hours and 15 min using AA Ni-MH; 4 hours and 9 min using AA Alkaline; 3 hours and 31 min using CR123A
    • Mid: 50 Lumens (11 hours and 28 min using AA Ni-MH; 9 hours and 8 min using AA Alkaline; 7 hours and 32 min using CR123A
    • Low: 8 Lumens (71 hours and 40 min using AA Ni-MH; 56 hours and 40 min using AA Alkaline; 46 hours and 50 min using CR123A
  • Red light with two output options
    • Regular: 1.5 Lumens (27 hours and 10 min using AA Ni-MH; 24 hours and 15 min using AA Alkaline; 20 hours using CR123A
    • SOS: 1.5 Lumens
  • Powered by one CR123A Lithium battery or two AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) batteries
  • Built-in magnet for easy attachment
  • Digitally regulated output - maintains constant brightness
  • One-button switch for easy and fast operation
  • Reverse polarity protection guards against improper battery installation
  • Made of quality plastic and high-transparency material
  • Waterproof to IPX-6 Standards: Protection from heavy splash and rain
  • CLICK HERE for the User Manual

Batteries used (NOT INCLUDED)

  • One non-rechargeable CR123A batteries.  (Fenix does NOT recommend rechargeable CR123 batteries since they will not perform according to the specification chart included for the light)
  • Two AA (Ni-MH, Alkaline) batteries

Size of your lantern

  • Dimension: 3.1 in./78.4 mm (Length) x 1.8 in./45.2mm (Width) X 2.4 in./59.1mm (Height)
  • 3.64 oz./103.2-gram weight (excluding batteries)