Fenix AOT-01 TK35 Series Traffic Wand


Fenix AOT-01 TK35 Series Traffic Wand

The Fenix AOT-01 Traffic Wand was designed for the Fenix TK35 Series flashlights, bringing versatility to these tactical flashlights. With the Fenix AOT-01 you can easily convert your TK35 or TK35 Ultimate Edition into the perfect safety wand. The Fenix AOT-01 is a great addition to any law enforcement officers or traffic control directors daily gear.  Deisgned to be impact resistant, the Fenix AOT-01 is made from high quality German Bayer PC 2805 material. Never worry about the AOT-01 melting or loosing its shape, it is also high temperature resistant maintaining its thermal stability and shape even after long use.


  • Quality German Bayer PC 2805 material - secure and reliable
  • Super strong compression/impact resistance
  • High temperature resistance and thermal stability
  • Easy assembly and convenient operation.

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