Amsler Knives Hurricane Razor

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Amsler Knives Hurricane Razor

Rob Amsler Razor is back in the house--new and improved Hurricane Razor

This model DOES NOT have a tritium tube.

It's been a long time coming and a lot of work but Rob has finally gotten the revised version of the hurricane razor finished.  It is the same as the original version with the blade cpm 154 with BOS heat treat. The blade has been redesigned to allow for a more shallow grind and will take a finer sharpened angle. The tip has been flat sharpened to make it thicker and more robust for lots of use on detailed tasked. The shape has a false tanto look to it. To the eye, it looks more like a tanto than a drop point but the tip between the two edges has been mildly rounded off to bring the two together.

The red/black and green/black are a special version of my cerakoted hurricane razor. Only a few are available.. The specifications of the knife are exact to the original razor. The cerakote is a flat black finish with a gloss blood red and lime green splatter across. The difference in flat vs gloss makes for a realistic wet look.

The clip has been redesigned to provide for a more streamlined look. It grips to pockets quite well and is easily bent back if overextended in future use. The clip, spacer, and screws are all titanium. All the components have been taken down to a fine finish and then stonewashed and polished. Like the original Hurricane, the sheath is kept as small as possible and doesn't stand out in a pocket carry setting.

Included with the knife are some extra o-rings and a special allen key that is a high-torque version. It grips the side walls of the interior instead of the tips. It holds more firmly and will keep the screws from stripping.  There is no warranty on the Titanium screws--extras can be purchased if needed. The high cost of the screws are due to the perfect machine finish. The clip is also reversible now.

The blades come with o-rings installed on the forward of the blade. The o-rings provide a better grip on the blade and they help protect the blade from scratches and noise from putting it down on flat surface. They can be taken off or moved around to your liking with or without the clip installed

The blade has been sharpened to a 20 degree angle using a wicked edge. The blade is taken to 1000 grit and then stropped a bit by hand.


  • Quality construction from CPM154 Steel
  • Heat treated by Bios Heat Treat
  • Overall 5.125" Length
  • 3-Piece Titanium Clip with improvement by using titanium screws.  New Titanium Spacer which allows less bend in the clip
  • Reversible Titanium Clip with "Amsler" lettering
  • New front blade design with a sharper, more pointed tip
  • 2.5-inch Locking Kydex Sheath
  • 2 Installed o-rings with 6 spares
  • One Tight-Torque Allen Key for secure grip